We are ready to go!

Events and conferences in safety, in full compliance with health rules and protocols, protecting the health of promoters and participants.

In Dogana Veneta all anti-Covid measures are applied to ensure guests have a pleasant and enjoyable experience in complete safety.

The goal of our location is to look towards a future where new events will be both in real time and online and/or hybrid, responding promptly to the needs of our customers.

The directions on the behaviour to be respected in a face-to-face event are clear and simple, with self-explanatory instructions that refer to government measures.

At Dogana Veneta the large spaces have been re-planned in order to avoid over-crowding by assessing the number of guests and managing the entry and exit flows.

The information on safety is continuous and set out on signs and posters with staff on-hand, with constant reminders to the guests of their personal responsibilities.

Dogana Veneta is a large and airy place: the air is recycled by a new filtering system incorporated in the heating and air conditioning systems.

The customisation of the events, the technical assistance, the flexibility of the spaces and the continuous support make Dogana Veneta the ideal location for any type of event in real time, online and/or hybrid.