By winning the municipal tender, Catering Fratelli Tregnaghi has been awarded the management of events and catering in Dogana Veneta, Lazise for the next 5 years.
Starting this year, Catering Fratelli Tregnaghi’s catering pedigree and event management experience will join forces with the magnificent historic residence in Lazise.

All customers looking to organise important events and conferences will be provided with specific consulting tailored to their various needs.
As always, emotion and passion are must-haves when organising a wedding!

Catering Fratelli Tregnaghi was founded in 2009 with a passion for tradition and a commitment to showcasing local resources, bringing to the table nothing but the excellence of raw ingredients selected with care and a huge amount of passion.

Traditional recipes are masterfully revisited and customised by our staff thanks to innovative cooking techniques that forge a perfect marriage of culinary culture and all-new aromas.

Knowing how to cook well is not enough – to successfully provide a catering service, you need much more: organisation, preparation, determination…to mention just a few of the skills of Catering Fratelli Tregnaghi.

All this and more will be at your service to ensure your event is perfect and unforgettable.